Our free online guitar lessons continue with another easy guitar tabs blues lick. While learning this lick we will continue to remain within the notes of the minor pentatonic blues scale. Pentatonic basically means five notes and there are five within the scale normally. To get a really bluesy sound you add the note which is in between the 3rd and 4th tones within the scale - this is the "blue" note.

The ^ symbol represents a bend.
The ~ represents vibrato.

The more guitar licks you know, the easier it will be for you to begin stringing the licks together to make actual guitar solos. Guitar solos are just a group of individual guitar licks which happen to sound really great when played one after the other! If you have a lot of licks in your repertoire then it makes it pretty easy to improvise, as long as you know how to stay in key.

Free Guitar Tabs

________________8___7___5__________5____7 ^ 9____7____5_________
_____________________________7____________________________7 ~__

This is a handy blues guitar lick which is basically a descending run within the a-minor blues scale. It provides an opportunity to really put some emotion into the bend on the 3rd string; this along with vibrato is where you can really make the guitar sound like the blues.

Many great blues players choose the Fender Stratocaster for it's amazing versatility. Whether you play screaming leads through an overdriven amp or you play clean with a touch of chorus to make each note shimmer, the Strat is one of the most versatile guitars ever made.
Blues Guitar Lick 03 moves into the world a the A Major scale.

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