Welcome! Hopefully you will find some useful information here that will assist you in your lead guitar playing efforts. This site focuses on some basic lead guitar approaches and how to use them in your playing.

Learn to play guitar and fly up and down the guitar neck making sweet music that inspires everybody who hears it. How do they do that?? You may just want to learn for the fun of it or maybe you have a case of guitar fever!

Find online guitar lessons including free blues guitar lesson solo instruction. Find easy guitar tabs that show you how to play licks, when to play them, tips on how to play them, and how they may best be used to create awesome lead guitar solos. Once you have learned the basics you can take your lead guitar playing to a whole new level.

These online electric guitar lessons are for beginners and advanced players alike. The best way to keep your playing fresh is to learn something new every now and then. Once you have been playing for a while you will realize that you wind up forgetting a lot of the stuff that you already learned! This is normal for all guitar players though!

Free Guitar Tabs


Lets get started with the a-minor pentatonic blues scale. This is one of the most common scales for lead guitar soloing. It works naturally in the keys of C-Major and a-minor. For practicing purposes, play the scale ascending and descending repeatedly. Try to pick each note cleanly and also try to keep the same tempo.

As you practice this scale, listen for familiar sounds in the notes; this is the main scale that lead guitar players have used for their solos and guitar licks in thousands of songs. If would be nearly impossible to count how many great songs there are which the licks, fills, and solos were created using the exact notes from this one scale. Even the main riffs which make up the songs themselves can be based on these notes.

Building a solo is not as hard if you have a nice repertoire of licks to draw from. You should always strive to learn them in various keys as well. This will make you much more versatile as a guitarist. Check out free guitar tabs blues lick 01 to see how you can build a lick based on these exact same notes. Most licks are built upon the notes which are contained in musical scales. Becoming familiar with scales allows you to place the "right" notes over the chords of a song.

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